What Are The Different Types Of Body Jewelry?

Everyone loves to wear jewelry. Nowadays, one gets to see even men wearing some kind of body trinkets. Body piercing was considered to be a fashion statement for woman, but things have changed over the last few decades. Even men are piercing their lip area or eyebrow areas and are wearing a labret stud.

There are many types of body jewelry that one gets to see when one visits a Woodbridge jewelry stores. However, not every woman might be well-versed with the various types of trinkets. If you want to learn about various types of body jewelry, you will just need to go through rest of the blog.

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Understanding Body Jewelry

Before you get to learn about the various kinds of body trinkets, you need to have a little idea about it. The term ‘body jewelry’ is used to define any piece of trinket that doesn’t fall within the traditional pieces like necklaces or bracelets or rings. Instead it is an ornament that is used to be worn on the odd areas of the body. Areas can include chin, belly button, and upper part of ears, nipple and corner of eyebrows, tongue and so on.

If one takes a close look into various studies and news report, one gets to see that this kind of trinket is being purchased by a wide of people. Some leading Woodbridge jewelry stores even claims that the age group for this kind of items is not only limited to teenagers but also many adults. The stores feel that the reason behind the popularity of body trinkets is that customers want to remain at par with high-street fashion and want to imitate models and stars in order to look cool.

Various Types

By this time, it might have aroused your interest and you want to learn about the different types of body trinkets. Check it out then.jewelry stores

There are wide styles of trinkets that can be worn around the pierced areas. For example, one can ask Woodbridge jewelry stores representative to show ball closure rings to labret studs, or clip-in accessories to septum jewelry. Options are just endless but here you will get to learn about some popular piercing types.

Fixed Bead Rings: In the fixed bead rings, the bead is attached to one side of the ring. In order to open the ring, one needs to bend it. This kind of rings is suitable for ear piercings and it is considered to be the most suitable one.

Barbells: If you are new to body piercing then this kind of trinket can be an ideal choice. It can be easily taken in and out. This is because one needs to simply unscrew the item form the post. Or, just twisting the ball would do.

Septum Retainers: If you want to wear something for septum piercing, ask Woodbridge jewelry stores to show you septum retainers. This kind of trinkets is available in matte finish and can be worn upside down manner.

When you visit a Woodbridge jewelry stores, you will get to come across a wide variety of trinket styles. Only thing that one needs to keep in mind is to settle for a good metal and choose a piece that would go with all kind of attire.


How Much You Should Spend On a Toronto Engagement Ring?

You have just proposed to your loved one and he/she is ready to be your life long partner. You must be now contemplating on buying an engagement ring to grace the occasion. However, even if you plan to arrange the occasion of engagement in a special way, you must be wondering on the cost of it. Is it worthy to spend millions of dollars on Toronto engagement ring? Or, there is no need to buy an expensive engagement ring if you have the option to get an engagement ring at a lower rate.


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Engagement Rings Can Be Expensive 

It is a true fact that engagement rings can be tad expensive. If you want to invest in a 24 carat ring just like Paris Hilton wears, you must get ready to shell out a whopping $4.7 million. If you don’t want to place your house on mortgage, it would be better to invest in a ring that would cost 5 % of the salary or two months’ salary. For example, if one is earning around $35,000 they can easily spend around $ 2,500 to $ 8,500 on a ring.

However, earning this huge amount of money is not possible for everyone. An average person’s salary may range from $5000 to $ 8000. In those cases they can easily invest in a single solitaire diamond engagement ring. According to leading Toronto engagement ring shops, engagement rings that come studded with single diamonds are less cheap.


Factors to Consider

If you are wondering the amount of money that you can spend for buying an engagement ring, you need to keep in mind certain points. Take a look into it.

  • Finance

    Toronto engagement ring

You need to check out the amount of money you have saved for buying an engagement ring. Here, you need to keep in mind the amount of money that you are comfortable to shell out. For this, it is crucial to consider the income and other monthly bills that you need to pay.

  • Partner’s Expectations

You should have an idea on the expectation of your partner from Toronto engagement ring. You can directly ask your partner or judging by their taste choosing the ring becomes easy. If your partner loves modern design, you can settle for halo setting engagement ring. They are affordable. Similarly, vintage design rings can come with a high price tag.

  • Diamond Rounding

If you are wondering the amount of money that you need to spend on an engagement ring, you need to know that the cost of it would vary depending on the carat of diamonds.  If the diamond installed on the ring is of 1 karat it would cost you differently from the one that is of 0.9 karat.


Different Stones

If the Toronto engagement ring comes embedded with various kinds of gemstones, you will need to shell huge amount of money. So you need to make sure if you want to settle for a single stone ring or various gemstones.

Hearing this you don’t need to freak out. When you visit a jewelry store for buying Toronto engagement ring, you will have plenty of options for rings that would fall within your price bracket.

Add Visual Interest to Your Home with Interlocking driveways

Being a homeowner, you might have definitely wanted your home to look great. You might have chalked out some ways through which you can easily increase the curb appeal of your home. In order to increase the curb appeal, one definitely thinks of the entrance. A beautifully decorated entrance can provide a warm welcome. Well, homeowners can create a great impression for the guests and other outsiders, simply by investing in interlocking driveways or better be said a paver driveway. An interlocking paver driveway can easily create a long lasting impression. Moreover, it can help to add a great deal of value to the property.

Interlocking: The Best Option

Often, when thinking about reconstructing or renovating driveways comes, homeowners are provided with a wide number of options. Often, the landscaping contractors’ provide options like concrete slab or asphalt, stamped concrete or interlocking pavers. However, it’s always better to go for interlocking pavers for driveway construction. The sole reason behind it is that interlocking paver is the most flexible landscape building material. This paving material is absolutely idea for any kind of residential project.


Installing interlocking pavers for interlocking driveways can be the best options for making a house stand out from the rest. Thus, the value of a property gets automatically improved.

Create Interesting Driveways

When you want to add a unique appeal to your home, a paver driveway can provide homeowners with a lot of opportunity. Homeowners can add a touch of personal flair to the driveways by using various kinds of patters. Interlocking pavers come in various styles and designs. Paver contractors can easily provide striking driveway design ideas with different style of interlocking pavers.

  • Contemporary Design

Contrasting colored stone pavers can be used to create a modern design for the interlocking driveways. Different shapes of pavers can be used. Along with that a border with interlocking pavers can also be used for the driveway.

  • Strong Designinterlocking driveways

Creating an intricate design within the centre of the driveway can provide a distinct look to the driveway. It can also be a great way to improve the appeal of the place. In order to create an intricate design on the driveways, homeowners can get in touch with different kind of paver series that are available with the contractors. With right kind of design, basket weave layout design can be created on the driveways.

  • Contrasting Designs

Contrasting interlocking pavers can help to add interesting details to a driveway. Often, irregular shapes can be used to create a natural look. The natural look can smoothly harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Why Go For Interlocking Pavers?

Pavers for interlocking driveways are the best option because it offers the best landscaping design. The best thing about pavers is that they are of high quality and offers a high level of strength. Thus, they can easily last for a long period of time. Regardless of the weather condition, pavers need minimum maintenance. They can look great for many years.

Get ready to replace your age old driveway pavers with interlocking driveways. The pavers can be a smart option for homeowners who want to improve the value of their home.

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