Operations Overview

Terra Energy’s operating activities can be separated into two segments. The conventional operations, which make up almost all of Terra Energy’s current production and the Montney resource play in northeastern British Columbia, where Terra Energy owns a dominant land position in both the unconventional Montney gas and gas liquids and the nascent unconventional Montney condensate and shale oil play.

Terra Energy owns over 350,000 net acres of undeveloped land in the Peace River Arch area of Western Canada.

Less than half of Terra Energy’s production is attributed to Alberta. Production from Alberta accounts for most of Terra Energy’s oil and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) content. Cecil and North Boundary currently make up the bulk of the Company’s oil production, while most of the NGL’s are being produced in Worsely.

The majority of Terra Energy’s current conventional production is attributed to British Columbia. Key producing regions in British Columbia include: Stoddart, Sunrise, Boudreau, Tower and Wilder. When combined, these regions make up the majority of Terra Energy’s current conventional production in British Columbia.

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